SEATTLE, Wa. – July 26, 2021 – Hilton (NYSE: HLT) has signed an agreement to transition Hotel 1000 to LXR Hotels & Resorts, in August. LXR Hotels & Resorts feature a selection of unrivaled luxury properties that thrive independently, each providing a unique and locally immersive experience. The collection was developed based on demand for top-tier properties that retain their unique identity and market prominence in the luxury space, and that are backed by the strength of the Hilton enterprise and its award-winning Honors program.

“As the debut LXR Hotels & Resorts property in the Pacific Northwest, Hotel 1000 signals Hilton’s commitment to expanding our luxury portfolio in sought-after urban and resort destinations,” said Feisal Jaffer, global head, LXR Hotels & Resorts. “During the course of 2021, we will welcome five hand-picked new members to the LXR collection, a testament to our focus on curating a selection of independent hotels and resorts that offer a bespoke experience for our discerning guests and drive superior returns for our owners. LXR embraces properties with unique aesthetic and design, while amplifying their position within the destination as an authentic immersive experience.”

Located at the intersection of First Avenue and Madison Street, Hotel 1000 is ideally situated in Downtown Seattle just steps from the waterfront along Elliott Bay, and is one of the most conveniently placed hotels in the Waterfront district near Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum, and the bustling shopping and business districts. The thoughtfully designed 120-room hotel allows guests to take in panoramic views of the Seattle skyline from their rooms featuring its signature pedestal bathtubs, glass showers, and custom residential furnishings.

Property highlights include its destination restaurant and bar, All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar featuring fresh, local seafood and an impressive wine cellar showcasing regional wines. The hotel offers multiple premium amenities and comforts along with a full-service Spa and fitness center, sauna, and salon. The property also features seven flexible event rooms, a boardroom and an all-weather greenhouse terrace which adds up to 9,100 square feet of meeting and event space for guests to create memorable gatherings of all sizes and occasions.

The hotel will join the award-winning Hilton Honors guest loyalty program, allowing more than 115 million members who book directly with Hilton to earn Points for hotel stays and experiences, plus instant benefits including contactless check-in with room selection, Digital Key and Confirmed Connected Rooms.

For more information about Hilton, please visit


July 30, 2021 (OTTAWA) - The Coalition of Hardest Hit Businesses has released the following statement:

“Today’s announcement extending the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) and the Canadian Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS) until October 2021 is a positive step in supporting Canada’s hardest hit businesses who have lost most of the summer and still suffering from travel restrictions, border closures and mass gathering restrictions.

This is a very positive step and the government should be commended for their support of the economy. However, this extension alone will not save many of Canada’s hardest hit businesses from financial ruin this fall and winter. Our most recent survey from June shows that nearly 60% of Canada’s hardest hit businesses will not survive if CEWS and CERS are not extended to at
least the end of the year.

Canada’s tourism, travel, hospitality, arts, festivals and events sectors were the first hit in the pandemic and the hardest hit, and we will be the last to recover. What these sectors need is targeted program from September to May until true recovery is possible.”


After an 18 month wait, and with tremendous excitement, Hospitality Saskatchewan is pleased to announce our very first tourism industry association conference. This year’s inaugural event will be held September 27, 28, 29, 2021 at the World Trade Centre Prairieland Park in Saskatoon.

This “Must Attend Event” will include 3 days of informative sessions, networking opportunities, and tradeshow. Featuring a wide variety of exhibitors that supply goods and services to the hospitality & tourism industry, operators will save time and money by shopping, sampling, and discovering the latest solutions from top suppliers to the industry.

Please mark the dates and plan to attend Canada’s only tourism industry conference scheduled in 2021.


Calgary, AB – July 21, 2021 – WebRezPro property management system now offers a direct connection to vacation rental online marketplace, Vrbo®, an Expedia Group company. The integration simplifies management of Vrbo listings, helping property managers maximize exposure to millions of travelers in Vrbo’s global network.

“We’re excited to announce our integration with Vrbo is live,” commented Frank Verhagen, President at World Web Technologies, Inc., the company behind WebRezPro. “This much anticipated connection allows WebRezPro users to take full advantage of their Vrbo listings to reach more guests while saving time and reducing the risk of double-bookings.”

The two-way connection allows property managers to seamlessly manage their Vrbo listing(s), including availability, rates and bookings, from within WebRezPro, eliminating the need to manually update data in both systems. The automated interface sends Vrbo bookings directly to WebRezPro and synchronizes property availability across both systems for optimum accuracy and efficiency.

“We're excited about our direct connection with WebRezPro and welcome them as an official Vrbo Connected Partner,” said Trilok Mahadevia, Vrbo Senior Connectivity Account Manager. “Our partnership will provide instant scale to WebRezPro customers helping them reach high-quality travelers, and also give travelers access to more lodging options on Vrbo.”

“Vrbo connects millions of travelers to lodging properties every month. Our connection to this significant channel will help many of our clients drive further efficiency, bookings, and revenue,” said Verhagen.

Existing WebRezPro clients should contact their WebRezPro account executive for more information and to initiate the connection.


Hospitality will always be defined by the interactions between frontline associates and hotel guests, which is why face-to-face training and onboarding has always been favored by the industry. Today, as the nation begins down the long road of recovery left from the COVID-19 pandemic, communication between guests and hotels, and even between hotels and employees, has changed. And, many hotel managers are embracing the strengths of remote training alongside what their workers are re-learning in person.

"Conventional wisdom held that if leaders wanted to reach certain goals or instill specific value in hotel workers they would have to do so in person, just as the business is conducted each day," said Maestro President Warren Dehan. "Flash forward to 2020, the hospitality industry was turned on its head. We were accustomed to providing our services on-site and there were hesitations within our teams and clients who were not in favor of delivering the initial orientation, training and go-live remotely. However, given the travel and health challenges of the pandemic, it was time to adjust and provide a collaborative environment to both maintain the sense of relationship building that is a key part of the on-site implementation process, as well as provide remote training in a way that made sense to hoteliers. As a technology vendor it’s important that we adapt and support the implementation needs of our clients to help them thrive as they return to, and exceed, pre-pandemic activity.”

As the preferred cloud hosted and on-premises single source integrated PMS solution for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals, and multi-property groups, Maestro cites five ways remote on boarding as well as remote refresher training can be an asset to your hotel:

1. Training for Anyone, Anywhere

Communication will always be a challenge in an ever-shifting environment such as hospitality, and sometimes important changes need to be made quickly and information must be shared even quicker. The pandemic saw the most extreme case of this, with hotels having to constantly and swiftly alter operations based on CDC guidelines. Plexiglass barriers, mask requirements, and more had to efficiently roll out across the industry while enforcing social distancing.

During this period, employees in dire need of clarification and up-to-date communications were unable to physically meet on property. Remote training tools became valuable for workers who were in the process of making sweeping changes to their property. This technology will remain relevant during periods of significant change for hotels, such as those going through a rebrand, enacting new standards, or preparing for a natural disaster.

2. Reducing Travel Costs

Even in a world where safe travel is possible, travel for the sake of training can often be a significant investment for hotel operators. Remote training absorbs many of the travel costs and time lost during in-person training events and mitigates the liability of travel disruption. Most of all, the immediacy of these learning tools allows operators to learn new skills without stepping away from their roles entirely or properties during periods of high volume.

For this to be effective, training providers must change the way they organize classrooms for digital learning. Altered class structures, shorter teaching periods, and an emphasis on visual content are just some of the ways digital training differs from in-person lessons. These alterations are made with the goal of allowing students to learn at their own pace, without unnecessary external pressures.

3. Reinforcing In-Person Training

The trend toward remote learning is taking place just as corporate culture is experiencing a clash of ideas as employees who value remote work combat calls to return to the office. In many ways the comfort of one's home can increase productivity and can even help with the retention of new ideas, showing value in creating portable lessons for workers to dial into at their own pace.

Remote learning also allows management to update large groups of workers, such as entire departments, on small operational changes prior to their arrival on property. Digital training tools are often accessed using guest devices, making them easier to reference than hard copies, helping with long-term retention of information.

4. Improving In-Person Meetings

It is important for hoteliers to look at new technology as a potential tool for improving existing processes as much as they are for eliminating unnecessary ones. For example, at some point during in-person meetings it is inevitable a video is introduced as a training tool. While this is an important part of the training experience, it is also disruptive to the flow of training.

Instructional videos are often best sent to employee devices for remote viewing. This way, workers can maximize the effectiveness of hands-on training while having something to reinforce what they learned waiting for them later. Just as hotels work to keep guests present and in the moment while on property, so should training be used as efficiently as possible while key people are physically present to take advantage of it.

5. Speeding the Onboarding Process

Time, like labor, is in short supply. That is why hoteliers need to consider any tools at their disposal to assist with the onboarding process for new team members. While on-site meetings are traditional for the first day of training, remote curriculums are invaluable for helping new hires absorb information.

Remote training will be particularly effective for employees returning to the floor after an extended period of social distancing. Remote learning tools can help these workers get back into their zone of genius faster than otherwise. This way, hotels can focus on operating at the top of their form without neglecting the training of their newest workers.

To learn more about the Maestro PMS approach to on boarding your new property management software solution, or for a variety of tools to help you through technology evaluations, please, visit to download a series of tools to assist you.


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